How to get rid of skinks near your home

Pet or pest? (Photo: Flickr/pfly)

Q: How do I kill or get rid of skinks?

A: Both cats and king snakes eat skinks. The snakes won't go where humans are and will live harmlessly under the house or in your garden, eating the skinks. Then they will leave if you don't feed them.

You can also trap skinks in a box and sell them to a pet store. They make good pets. If they are living in your walls, you can poke a mothball inside, and the skinks will move out.

When the skinks are gone, it will be a good idea to watch out for termites. The skinks may have been eating them.

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What have you got against skinks? They are quite beneficial, as the article pointed out they eat pest insects. They don't bite, and can be fun to watch. I would not try to sell them to a local pet store though, most states have laws against selling native animals to pet stores.

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