Signs your pregnant cat is ready to give birth

Napping near the food saves energy. (Photo: Flickr/Rick Kimpel)

Q: My 9-year-old cat is pregnant. How will I know she is about to give birth?

A: When she starts to get ready to give birth, you will notice that she'll start acting restless and trying to nest. It will be pretty distinctive behavior: She may pace, dig at blankets, and look for a place to hide.

You'll want to set a cozy cat box for her to give birth in, and close her in a room by herself (away from other cats) when she starts to do this. Having other cats nearby could stress out the mama.

Here's a good website that details all the stages of feline labor.

The biggest things to watch out for are the time periods after she begins active labor and between kittens. If she goes more than an hour between kittens or after starting active labor (when she starts to squat and have contractions), it's a good idea to seek veterinary care, as she might be having difficulty giving birth.

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Why is a 9 y.o. cat having babies??? :( Seems a bit irresponsible to me.

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