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We’d love for you to meet a few of the individuals who represent the thousands of professionals here to help you.

Dr. Norm S., Medical Doctor

In his 30-year medical career, Norm has dedicated his life to helping people, including traveling as a volunteer doctor to Central America and Africa. He continues this dedication on and enjoys receiving feedback from customers to know he's helped with their medical questions.

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Dr. Andrew L., Veterinarian

As the Medical Director of a veterinarian office, Andrew is trained in critical care procedures and has applied this knowledge on He loves helping people and their pets, especially those in rural areas who can't easily contact a veterinarian.

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Chris P., Mechanic

Chris is a Ford Lincoln Mercury master and Honda small engine technician. He has 14 years’ experience working with Ford cars, but can fix dozens of car makes and models. A self-proclaimed “do-it-yourself-er,” Chris has been has been answering car questions online for over 5 years and loves helping fellow DIY-types on

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B.T. Meyer, Lawyer

B.T. has been practicing law for more than six years and can speak to a wide range of areas including Family and Criminal Law. As an attorney, he values the opportunity to help people during difficult times and educate them about legal issues and concerns.

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Frederick S., Computer Technician

Self-taught in computer science since the 7th grade, Frederick is the owner of a computer repair shop. He understands the importance of computers in people’s lives and wants to help them fix issues quickly and save money. He appreciates for this reason, calling it a “true money-saver for customers.”

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Barry G., Home Repair Pro

A certified refrigeration technician with over 27 years’ experience, Barry is also an avid learner. He can wire electronics, build remote-control aircraft, and fix almost any type of home appliance. On, Barry is inspired to help everyone, but especially customers who have limited experience with electronics or appliances because he knows they need his help the most.

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Judith K., Appraiser & Life Professional

Judith is the author of Protecting Your Collectible Treasures and President of the Association of Online Appraisers. With 23 years’ experience, she’s written hundreds of articles and appeared on shows such as Good Morning America. Judith loves being able to help customers with mysteries about their family heirlooms’ history and value.

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