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Breaking Up Is Fun to Do, 02/07/2014

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes - the big divorce party?

Given the ongoing trend to commemorate even the most minor milestones with ever-more-elaborate events (the engagement video, the $26,000 wedding, the themed baby shower, the gender reveal party) it was only a matter of time until "divorce parties" started making their way onto the social calendar.

4 Great Family Friendly Gadgets And Apps At CES 2014, 01/08/2014

What is that rash on your son’s face? How do you fix a leaky toilet? Can you divorce your husband for snoring? You could spend hours searching for answers to these questions on the InterWebs and still not know whether the information you’ve found is reliable. Or you can pay a small fee and get an authoritative answer from an expert in 7 to 10 minutes. Pearl rounds up more than 10,000 highly vetted specialists in 700 fields, from auto mechanics to zoologists.

Let Your Kids Contact Santa at the Last Minute!, 12/21/2013

Do your kids still believe in Santa? I sure hope so, because there are really fun ways for them to contact the North Pole! Whether they forgot to send their letters early, or you just want them to hear from Old Saint Nick in person, the magic of Christmas is being shared by companies around the world. Below are some links to my favorites!

What Are Kids' Most Popular Questions for Santa? 'Elf In Chief' Leslie Tyler Has the Answers , 12/13/2013

“Are the other reindeer jealous of Rudolph?” “How can you get into my house if I don’t have a chimney?”

These are just a few of children’s pressing questions for Santa, and now, there’s a place for kids to go straight to the source.

The free Ask Santa website invites kids to submit their questions for St. Nick now through Christmas Eve and get back a direct, individualized answer.

How to Earn More: Get a New 'Gig', 11/18/2013

For portfolio workers, spinning up a new gig can be as simple as hanging a virtual shingle. Popular placement portals give workers who want to branch out a way to capitalize on their expertise or free time.

A growing field of online job sites work on volume—letting you earn extra cash in short order. Open schedule? Pick up gigs, with no special skills necessary, as you have time. And busy experts can profit from sharing what they know. Here’s how they work.

Inc. Magazine: Special Know-How Edition, 11/11/2013

How to Really Connect With Customers

Call them. Listen to them. You won't believe how valuable it is.

Since January, I've devoted every Thursday, all day, to cold calling current customers. I call it Smile and Dial.

I start in the morning calling East Coast folks, then move to the West Coast later in the day. It's hit or miss. Half the people answer, and of those, 20 percent of the people say they're too busy. The rest are happy to chat at least for a couple minutes. I'll have really rich conversations with about half of them.

Great At-Home Jobs, 10/01/2013

Technology makes it super easy to earn money without leaving the house.

Experts in a particular field — computer technicians or lawyers, for example — may want to try, where you can answer questions from consumers or businesses.

Would You Use an Online Relationship Therapist?, 09/25/2013

Whether you're considering a breakup, feel hung up on an ex, or suspect that your guy is cheating, your first impulse is probably to reach out to your friends.  The thing is, they might not want to hear about it.  Enter: a new relationship care package from

Obsessing About Your Ex Is Chasing Your Friends Away, 09/23/2013

About half of people recently surveyed said they have avoided a pal who talked too much about their relationship problems. Top dating issues mentioned were trying to get over an ex, figuring out whether a partner had been unfaithful, and deciding whether or not to break up.

Uh-oh, Are You Driving Your Friends Away With Your Constant Talk of Relationship Problems?, 09/23/2013

When it comes to helping a friend going through a breakup, there is inevitably a point where we all cross from “Oh sweetie, tell me all about it,” to “Good God, if you don’t stop talking about this my ears are going to start bleeding.”  There’s no rule for when patience runs out, but one thing is clear: For the majority of us, it eventually does. According to, 64 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds have ditched a friend who constantly talks about their relationship problems. Ouch.

How to Date a Woman Who Makes More Money Than You, 09/17/2013

If you're in a relationship with a woman who has the power, financially, you might feel emasculated. Here's how to navigate this situation without breaking the bank, or breaking up.

Can Your Webcam Cure You?, 08/19/2013

While Google is no doctor, it's becoming one of the best ways to get in touch with one. For minor health concerns, the Internet (and your webcam) is a great way to contact MDs and nurse practitioners at a moment's notice. This site can connect you to professionals in all sorts of fields (like law and auto mechanics), and it's a great site for medical [help].

Beyond WebMD: Magazine rates services that offer online access to doctors, 07/29/2013 was the magazine's top-rated service -- with a response time of less than five minutes and replies that were "very thorough"

AARP Life Reimagined: Make Money as an Online Expert, 07/17/2013

Docs, vets, home-repair experts and other authorities can earn six figures on Q&A websites.  Could you join their ranks?

Family fuels entrepreneurial inspiration for San Anselmo's Kurtzig, 06/23/2013

Q&A with CEO Andy Kurtzig about the company's history and his involvement with raising funds for juvenile diabetes research.

Online Resource for Expert Advice Lines up More Than $50 Million in Financing, 05/20/2013

Got questions too complex for Google? might have the answer. Log on, post your question and a prompt will ask you what you're willing to pay for a detailed response from a professional in categories such as medicine, auto mechanics and law.

Seek, and shall find an expert to answer, 05/17/2013

In trying to find the answers to questions about things like health or technology, people aren’t always willing to wait, which is why is leading the way in connecting consumers with professional experts online — day and night.

'Mother of Silicon Valley' is just Mom to entrepreneur sons, 05/12/2013

Sandra Kurtzig was leaning in long before Sheryl Sandberg wrote a book about it. During the Nixon administration, Kurtzig simultaneously launched both ASK Computer Systems and her family from a modest Mountain View apartment. ASK, an early enterprise software company, grew into a $400 million business.

Is Halle Berry risking her life for motherhood?, 04/15/2013

The Centers for Disease Control says births to women 40 and up increased 10 percent from 2007 to 2011. And there are a lot of pregnancy complications related to age, says OB/GYN Monika Hearne, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., an expert at,

SOLUTIONS PLAYBOOK Top 25 Small-Business Challenges, 03/19/2013

Dollar-for-dollar, there’s almost no way small startups can compete with huge companies for talent in the nation’s hottest job markets.
For this reason, it’s important to supplement competitive salaries with a host of other perks.
Stock compensation usually is a huge part of these packages, giving employees more and more equity in the company the longer they work. It’s an additional nonmonetary benefit that can truly provide one-of-a-kind opportunities for employees.
“If you go to a smaller company you’re much more likely to be working on a critical product or key campaign,” says Andy Kurtzig, CEO and founder of San Francisco-based online professional-services company “Knowing that you’re really making a huge impact on your employer and its ability to be successful makes it fun to come to work every day.”

5 Tax Filing Tips for Newlyweds, 03/15/2013

As I am sure you are aware, it is tax time again! There are many life events that lead to changes in your taxes—getting married, owning a home, and having children to name a few. If you are unfamiliar with how these changes can affect your taxes, this can be a very stressful time of year for you. However, it doesn’t need to be! There are many ways to get help with your taxes and they don’t have to be expensive.

3 Online Resources for Getting Expert Startup Advice, 02/07/2013

As a small-business owner, you make hundreds of decisions every day -- some of which will have a lasting effect on your business. Sometimes the solutions you need aren't as obvious to you as you'd hope. In those instances, you might want expert advice to help steer you in the most productive and profitable directions.

Survey: Many patients lie to doctors, 12/24/2012

A survey shows more than half of Americans aren't totally truthful with their doctors, and physicians say even little white lies might have health consequences. A thousand adults were surveyed by, an online source for advice from doctors, lawyers and other professionals.

El Cerrito woman is Santa's 'elf in chief', 12/13/2012

During the holiday season, Leslie Tyler tackles questions like, "How does Santa get in if there's no chimney?" and "Doesn't Santa sweat in that red suit?" But instead of Santa's factory at the North Pole, the El Cerrito resident works from the offices of in San Francisco's Presidio. Raises $26M, Hires CFO, 10/08/2012 LLC , a website that connects people who have questions to professionals who can answer them, has raised $26 million in Series B funding led by Crosslink Capital, less than four months after emerging from stealth with a $25 million Series A round. cracks open $25.7M investment oyster, 10/08/2012

For its pearls of wisdom, has raised $25.7 million in its second round of institutional financing.
The site connects people who have questions with people who can answer them. Inquirers select the type of advice they need, enter their query, and identify the price they are willing to pay. From there, they can have a one-on-one question with a verified professional., The Professional Q&A Site Formerly Named JustAnswer, Lands $25.7 Million Series B Funding, 10/08/2012, the Q&A site formerly known as JustAnswer, has raised $25.7 million in a Series B funding round. The San Francisco-based company plans to use the money to expand its product globally, build out its mobile presence, and grow its current staff of 300-some employees, half of whom are full-time. Its first new hire with the new funding is Erik Zech, the executive who previously took Real Goods Solar public, who will serve as’s first-ever CFO.

Pearl raises $25.7 million in Series B funding, 10/08/2012

There are plenty of online forums out there, where people are willing to give you advice about anything. But think about it: would we just stop anyone in the middle of the street and ask them to recommend a doctor? Or ask how to fix a car? Most people want to talk to a professional, or at least someone they know has some knowledge in the area they are being asked about. raises another $25M to provide on-demand professional advice, 10/08/2012, a site that gives people access to one-on-one advice from doctors, lawyers and other professionals, has raised $25.7 million. The new funding comes not even four months after the company raised a $25 million Series A round and changed its name from Looks to Crack the Services Mega-Market, 06/20/2012

Last year, professional services website raised about $25 million in a Series A round. And while such a large financing is normal nowadays, there’s a twist: The company — which relaunched its service this week — is eight years old. Has Professional Advice, for a Price, 06/19/2012

For about the price of a tank of gas each month, you can have your own lawyer, physician and coterie of Harvard educated experts. (like a “pearl of wisdom”) launched on Tuesday, and connects users to trained and certified experts who can answer a myriad of questions.


Pearl raises cash, leads move to paid answers, 06/19/2012

What types of online information services can make money by charging fees rather than relying on advertising? That's the sort of question that one might put to the business-oriented question-and-answer service

JustAnswer Becomes, Raises $25 Million Series A, 06/19/2012

Eight-year old, which bills itself as a Quora competitor (but looked decidedly less hip), is announcing a rebranding and a new infusion of capital today. The site is becoming, which offers a new front-end to its Q&A service which is now focused on connecting site visitors with vetted professionals.

JustAnswer Becomes Pearl, Comes Out From Under the Radar, 06/19/2012

JustAnswer is an eight-year-old site with 40 million monthly global unique visitors, an annual run rate of $100 million, $25 million in new funding and a 150-person team based in San Francisco.

Haven’t heard of it? That’s at least partly by design, but now the company is looking for some attention — and to break away from the rest of the Q&A pack — by calling itself

Andy Kurtzig Raises $25M To Take Expert Services Online With, 06/19/2012

Technology entrepreneurship runs in the family for Andy Kurtzig, but his latest brainchild is more of a solo affair. His company, a website for connecting people who have questions to professionals in hundreds of fields, launched today with $25 million in Series A funding and about $100 million in revenue.

Charles Schwab-Backed Web Startup Pearl Raises $25 Million, 06/19/2012

Charles Schwab, the founder of the brokerage company that bears his name, is among a group of investors providing $25 million in funding to, a website where users pay to pose questions to professionals.

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